Books and Articles

Books by Douglas Groothuis

  1. Philosophy in Seven Sentences (InterVarsity Press, forthcoming).
  2. Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith (InterVarsity Press, 2011). Given the “Award of Merit” by Christianity today for apologetics books published in 2011.
  3. In Defense of Natural Theology: A Post-Humean Account, James F. Sennett and Douglas R. Groothuis, eds. (2005). Includes an essay by Douglas Groothuis, “The Metaphysical Implications of Cosmological Arguments.”
  4. On Jesus (Wadsworth Philosophers Series, 2002).
  5. On Pascal (Wadsworth Philosophers Series, 2002).
  6. Truth Decay: Defending Christianity Against the Challenges of Postmodernism (2000). This received the “Award of Merit” from Christianity Today for apologetics books published in 2000.
  7. The Soul in Cyberspace (1997). This was the first critique of the Internet to be written by an Evangelical Christian. It was reprinted by Wipf and Stock).
  8. Jesus in an Age of Controversy (Harvest House, 1996). This is an updated and revised version of Revealing the New Age Jesus.
  9. Deceived by the Light (Harvest House, 1994).
  10. Christianity That Counts: Being a Christian in a Non-Christian World (1994). A collection of essays by Douglas Groothuis and Rebecca Merrill Groothuis.
  11. Revealing the New Age Jesus (InterVarsity Press, 1990).
  12. Confronting the New Age (InterVarsity Press, 1988).
  13. Unmasking the New Age (InterVarsity Press, 1986).

Articles by Douglas Groothuis

For a list of unpublished articles, see Dr. Groothuis’s page here.

Web Articles:

Defend Magazine

Credo Courses

First Things: Doing Christian Philosophy

All About Jazz: A Sublime Question: What Does Jazz Want?

Journal of Christian Legal Thought: Virtue, Vice, and Religious Liberty

PDF Files:

On Spiritual Atheism

Undermining Truth in God’s Name

The Postmodernist Challenge to Theology

The Biblical View of Truth Challenges Postmodernist Truth Decay

Pascal Speaks from the Grave

Obstinacy in Religious Life

Living a Thoughtful Life For Christ and his Kingdom 

One thought on “Books and Articles

  1. I noticed on your front page that you won an award for your 2011 book from “Christianity today”…but it should read from “Christianity Today” (the magazine) to say what i think you really meant to say.

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