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2 thoughts on “Audio and Video”

  1. Dr. Groothuis:

    I like the new website. It makes what you have to present much more accessible, in my opinion. I have a couple of comments regarding your debate with Straus. Since I don’t know the background concerning why you accepted this debate I can’t rightly say much about that. All I can say is the man (Straus) is an abjectly horrific reasoner, (although he seems amiable enough.) Aside from the God of the Gaps assertions, which you ably handled in the little time you had, I could hardly follow what exactly he was trying to say. There was almost nothing said that advanced the cause of atheism in any way shape or form. Hopefully some lives were touched by the event, which was likely a walk in the park for you, aside from the considerable time constraints.
    I would like to email you regarding how things are going on my end here in grad school in California. (Mostly good!) That is, if you are interested in hearing. Thank you for all the help and inspiration you provided at Seminary.
    – Aaron H

  2. Enjoy you on the radio today.
    Great website. I have a question. Why do they never say daughter or son
    in abortion. It is fetus…or baby but not son or daughter. Why?
    Cliff and Pat Spratt

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