The Reality Czar Speaks

I have appointed myself as Reality Czar. Remember, reality stands independent of your whims, wishes, loves, hates, and apathy. Here are my first fourteen imperatives for straight thinking and reality apprehension. 

1. The laws of logic are unbending. They are necessary for thought and communication. You can break them, but they will break you. Learn what the law of noncontradiction is and abide by it.

2. You need rational arguments that appeal to logic and evidence to make a point count as knowledge.

3. To know something means you have a justified and true belief about it.

4. For a statement to be true, it must correspond to objective reality. You do not make a belief true by your own opinion, skin color, gender(s), passion, politics, power, or anything else. 

5. Learn the basic logical fallacies, such as false dichotomy, ad hominem, straw man, begging the question, and others, and avoid them. Expose them wherever you find them. 

6. Learn the basic means of argumentation: deduction, induction, and appeal to the best explanation. 

7. Read more than you watch.

8. Listen more than you talk.

9. Think more than you speak.

10. Pray for knowledge and wisdom.

11. Beware of clichés, factoids, and talking points.

12. If you hold to a position on religion, politics, or whatever, as yourself what the strongest objection to your position might be, Then try to refute it.

13. In discussions and writing, try to define and illustrate important terms in order to avoid ambiguity.

14. For any of your beliefs, determine how strongly you hold that belief and whether or not you have good reason to hold it in that manner. We may strongly hold some beliefs, not because of reason or evidence, but on the basis of feelings, tradition, or ego.

9 thoughts on “The Reality Czar Speaks

  1. Something is lacking here. Lots of things not taken into consideration and the list may be geared to suit one type of thinker when there are multiple types of intelligence. Also why didn’t intuition and/or perception make the list.

    It may very well be that some people are more perceptive than others yet the less perceptive people want to override or over write that perception to serve their own liking for logic.

    But logic never functions independent of intuition, emotion, sensory perception and probably other things that currently do not come to mind.

    Sherry said logic is the servant to intuition but it could be logic devotees want to exalt human reason as the dominant operating system but humans do not reason perfectly. Many people suffer from cognitive distortions and other problems.

    Intuition in some people may be more accurate than logic is at times. At least that is what I was told once by a neurological expert.

    It could be that people in apologetics just love logic and try to transfer that love to people. The transference can be hard though because sin has had an effect on human reasoning capability. Some people reason better than others but do they love better or are they necessarily better people for doing that.

    If there is a heart and mind disconnect then reason could be used to serve evil purposes.

    I am no expert on this I just think things are a lot more complicated than we think. There is a philosopher. I forget his name but he claims our emotions are primarily rational in function contrary to what a lot of people assume.

  2. Oops Sperry not Sherry above.

    It may be that revelation or prophecy have something to do with intuition. It’s hard to say accurately but the human mind does not work by logic only. As far as I know everyone has logic, intuition, perception and emotion influencing their thinking as well as cognitive biases that allow the mind to create shortcuts to operate more efficiently.

    It is impossible to logically test all the thousands of beliefs one holds in one’s mind. That is what I read some where several years ago. There are a lot of things we believe without testing them by logic.

    But there are a few people out there claiming they tested all their beliefs. I met an unbeliever once making that claim which was false. He ought to have talked to an expert because apparently there are thousands of things people just believe and accept without testing them first. There are just way too many beliefs to test…ranging into the thousands and we operate off of them not even knowing we are.

  3. Thank you Douglas – once again, you have given all much to consider. I’ve watched the first few talks you gave on Apologetics, and it is clear to me that you are right on target in this Reality Czar blog post,.

  4. Don’t give’em a logical argument trying to defend the Gospel and make an impression that you are more rational than an unbeliever.

    Give them the Gospel because the enemies of Christ are spiritually blind as well as dead in their trespasses and sin and as a result they don’t interpret the Bible accurately though a few of them might have learned to parrot what they heard.

    What good is head knowledge without heart knowledge. God doesn’t really need defending in this world but people need saving immediately.

    Explain to people why they need saving. Getting them saved for Jesus is better than winning an argument or even making a nice impression.

    Soul winning is serious business. It takes a lot of heart and patient perseverance to save people who object to being saved while in the middle of drowning.

    The truth cuts through all the dissimulation and is a big time saver for people. Tell them twice then shake the dust from your feet and move on. Turn the arguers over to God to handle because time is short and imagine all the more rational people you could have saved while you wasted all your time on people willing and determined to stay deceived. Sure you learn something from dealing with hard cases still there are a lot of people more willing to be saved than them and they in their turn are going to help save more people for God.

    If logic is your talent from God then, of course, use it but don’t become ineffective. The truth is more effectual than any argument. It’s direct and doesn’t waste time. Remember you deliver God’s message and the people that refuse to receive it still have their ability to seek…you’re being responsible then while realizing you don’t control everything…only God does.

    1 Cor 3:6-9
    English Standard Version
    6I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. 7So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. 8He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor. 9For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building.

  5. Couldn’t agree with you more! Too bad we as individuals and as a society don’t follow these rules. Most of these speak to truth so we as Christians should be examples of following these rules. Sadly we sometimes let some bias (like our politics) over ride our faith.

    • Mr Forman, why get caught up in rule following? Laws are like rules…They are “to do” lists and we died to the law in Christ and live to Christ now (cf Romans 7).

      Work on your relationship with Christ and know those scriptures as best you can. I used to go up against hundreds of people on a daily basis with a weak understanding of science, religion, logic, philosophy and other things but I feel like no matter who sided against me that I never lost an argument.

      It doesn’t really matter what blind people determined to stay blind perceive does it? What matters is what a person thinks in his heart.

      Apologetics LOOKS like a battle between belief and unbelief but faith is not blind unless you refuse to learn to know. Read 1 Corinthians 13. We can know “in part” and knowing the good Lord Jesus Christ and having some spiritual knowledge….enough for God to work on us…is better than opting for no spiritual knowledge at all.

      Consider true faith as a kind of patiently persevering spirit or intelligence given by God. The world can’t recognize it a good bit of the time but we believers in Christ know “With God all things are possible.”. If you know in your heart that with God all things are possible then this world can’t really induce you to make a category error and exalt yourself so that you fall away from Him.

      I don’t know why anybody argues with anybody any more when most spiritual problems seem to be either heart, mind or will problems with a lot of interpretive errors thrown in.

      Give your heart to God for safe keeping and nobody will ever con you with an argument. You may not be able to solve every riddle they send to stumble you with but who cares? Who ever claimed to know it all? Philosphical burdens of proof are false constructs if you think about it. Nobody knows it all but God so why cast a burden on anybody but Him? You’re relationship with God will stand the melee, too. They will probably never know what happened but you will. Praise the Lord!

      Christianity is loaded with paradoxical truth and people don’t always handle it well with their limited reasoning.

    • David Ross, why would you want any updates.

      Why spend any time looking back meditating on a man’s spiritual failure?

      Look to Jesus and the spiritual successes in scripture. We can pick our own role models and that affects us profoundly.

      1 Cor 2, BSB
      1When I came to you, brothers, I did not come with eloquence or wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God. 2For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

      Read the above chapter contrasting spiritual wisdom with the wisdom of the world. I always tangled with people trying to save them but some people are so entangled in worldliness you cannot save them but you can fix on Jesus and make sure you let him keep you saved.

      God never tells people to focus on spiritual failure. We don’t have to when we have victorious Jesus.

      Time to let go of Ravi now. We are living in the End Times now and people are falling all over the place. Just don’t act like a Gandhi and let other people’s spiritual failure determine your own.

      Why take a cue from a spiritual failure when you have Jesus’ shining example?

      That’s what the unsaved world does.

      Just run this obstacle course of a world for God and go home to Him. To die is gain if you abide in Jesus.

      What’s done is done. Why beat a dead horse? But this world likes to do that. Meditate too much on worldly failure instead of learning from Christ personally.

      You don’t learn spiritual wisdom from unholy worldly sources do you. Ravi spent too much time around the world and not enough around Christ obviously and are weapons aren’t worldly ones either. Purely spiritual. The Word is the Sword of Truth not logic or philosophy or human reason. God’s ways are higher and best to focus on learning from Him His ways before taking on the world too early.

      Focus on the spiritual successes don’t let the failures block your view.

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