In Defense of Fear

Too often we hear that we should not be affected by fear, especially in the pandemic. No, fear–of the right kind–is good.

“Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” the Bible tells us. We should be in awe and hold God in the highest respect, even though he is our friend through Jesus, and even our Father in heaven. We fear not Gods wrath if we are covered in Christ’s righteousness, but we should still fear God.

Fear of the professor’s bad grades is the beginning of academic wisdom, even if the professor is kind and helpful. This fear leads to improvement and academic safety.

Fear of death from a deadly disease is wise. Altering your behavior accordingly is right, given a severe threat. Being cautious and controlling your urges is the better part of virtue.

Going out in public without precautions and screaming about the loss of your “rights” in a pandemic is unwise, imprudent, and potentially harmful to others.

Remember, if you get the virus because you were careless, it may not hurt you too much. However, in so doing, you weaponize yourself and you may give the virus to someone who becomes very ill or who may die from it.

So, be afraid. Be very afraid.


4 thoughts on “In Defense of Fear

  1. “Be very afraid?” “Deadly disease?” The CDC’s own statistics for 19-20 show that this has been a mild season for respiratory death. The 2017-18 flu season boasted a 7% mortality rate from pneumonia and flu, astronomically higher than what we’re living now, and nobody shut the world down. The human immune system requires interaction with pathogens in order to obtain resistance. Hiding in houses, obsessively washing one’s hands, and recycling own’s own toxins by wearing masks for long hours is counterproductive, even unhealthy. These extreme measures could result in a spike in respiratory illness if and when things open up, because so many people’s immunities are down. Myriad virologists, epidemiologists, and public health experts from around the world are weighing in on this scenario with increasing fervor and finding the mainstream narrative grossly wanting. What the motive for this world-wide propaganda nightmare might be is for another conversation.

  2. Depends how scientific this really is. I am skeptical of models we are following, of the ubiquitous “potential asymptomatic” carriers, and of the erosion of civil liberties and the destruction of our economy. I hope we move in a direction that takes all this as well as the actual corona virus into account, and soon.

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