Jesus for Muslims

Mohammad claimed to be the last and greatest prophet, having received a revelation from God, which became known as The Koran. He wanted to restore pure worship of one true God and be rid of all idols.  Going against the Bible, he claimed that Jesus was a prophet, but not God Incarnate. All must submit to Allah in every area of life and have a strict pattern of obedience: (1) confess God and Mohammad as his prophet, (2) give a percentage of one’s income to the Mosque, (3) go on pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime, (4) pray five times a day, (5) observe the Ramadan fast every year.

Muslims hope that their good works will outweigh their bad works so that they may attain eternal paradise. If not, they go to hell forever. But no Muslim can be sure, unless they die in a jihad. Then paradise is assured. It is a place of earthly delights oriented toward male desires. But Allah is not there, since he is utterly transcendent. To associate anything with Allah, especially Jesus, is the unforgivable sin, according to Islam.

Jesus claimed to be a prophet, but more than a prophet. He was the revelation of God himself in the flesh, full of grace and truth. Jesus proclaimed, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father!” (John 14:9). Instead of denying crucial teachings in the Bible, Jesus fulfilled the biblical promise of the coming Messiah, who would rescue his people and establish a Kingdom that could not be shaken. Jesus taught that there was one true God and that he made the Father known to the world.

Instead of demanding that his followers be saved by adding up good works, Jesus offered himself as the only way to God and faith as in him the way of forgiveness and eternal life.  He said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). While Islam denies that Jesus died on the Cross (against all historical evidence), Jesus wascrucified in our place and for our sins. By turning away from our selfishness and toward him in faith, we receive what we could never earn through good works. We find new life to live each day in the power of Christ within us! Unlike the Islamic paradise, God’s final Kingdom is a place of fellowship with God himself. He will raise us up and fill us with the joy perfect love.

9 thoughts on “Jesus for Muslims

  1. So many people are turning to Islam it is scary. They do not realize nor do they know that Islam is driven by an insatiable desire to convert all to that religion and murder those who refuse, beginning with the Jews flowed by Christians.

    • Oh please don’t forget how many people the Christians killed who where not believers. Truth is that most religious sects have a fundamental segment within their congregations who will kill for their beliefs. Any god worth serving would teach against any killing whatsoever.

    • first of all u should write something tht whn you had a few knowledge abt it. the first pharagraph says tht islam has stirict pattern of obidience while its not totally the truth

    • Mercedes, I can appreciate your anxiety even perhaps fear.
      You almost make me fearful when you write:

      “They do not realize nor do they know that Islam is driven by an insatiable desire to convert all to that religion and murder those who refuse, beginning with the Jews flowed by Christians.”

      Yet how much of these perceptions are actually based on “facts?” Have you enrolled in religious studies class at a university? Have you met any muslim people; are you familiar with some muslim women activists who are working towards more rights for women? Have you visited the most populated muslim country not in the Middle East but in Indonesia? There are Christians in that Republican who are able to worship as well of individuals of other faiths. I welcone your comments.

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