Brief Social Commentary: Radio Lab

Public radio has a program called Radio Lab. Today, they took up artificial intelligence. But the form of the program is odd, interruptive. Speakers are often interrupted by other voices. The interjected comments may be parenthetical or substantial.

Call me peevish, but I loathe being interrupted when I speak, even if it is an accident. I try hard to never interrupt anyone else—unless that is the only way to say anything to them. This program often does not allow speakers to complete their own sentences—or at least much of the time.

If this is the new normal, I want to stay abnormal—one voice sentences. Why do they do this anyway? Perhaps because we are an interruptive, conversationally impatient, and rude culture.

The audio technology allows these interruptions to be seamless, which almost sounds like a contradiction. No voice is talking over another voice, at least I don’t think so. I did not–could not–listen to the whole program, even though the topic, artificial intelligence, was fascinating.

These digital interjections depersonalize those “interviewed,” if we could call it that. Sound data is collected and manipulated by Radio Lab. If they ask me for my sound data, I shall decline. I will sometimes even pause to start or finish a sentence correctly. And I don’t want my voice completing someone else’s sentence.

3 thoughts on “Brief Social Commentary: Radio Lab

  1. HI Doug, yes this kind of talking over one another meme fashion has to really stop and die a very grand death. I wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I realised that my Yogananda beliefs were true after all, and that I could never be an orthodox Christian and pretend to defend it, so I have come to disagree with you in general. But that shouldn’t cause any problems, since I learnt a lot from your writings too and they are good. People in general have different views of reality and we are not supposed to interject our view into theirs to convince them that we are right and they are wrong. God doesn’t do that, so nobody else has the right to do it.

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