A Prayer Guided by the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father in heaven, I come as your child.

May your name (all that you are) be hallowed—deemed holy by me and by all your creatures.

Your Kingdom be manifested here and now as it is eternally in heaven.

Give us today what we need, physically, spiritually, economically.

Forgive us when we do not hallow your name, when we use your hallowed name in vain or with malice.

In humility, since we sin and are forgiven through Christ, let us forgive those who hurt us, ignore us, and use us.

You alone will keep and settle the score.

Give us wisdom to not dwell where vice is contagious nor where virtue is mocked.

Deliver us from compromise with evil, from that which makes you, O Present One, seem absent.

We pray this because you have all power to establish your glorious Kingdom forever.


9 thoughts on “A Prayer Guided by the Lord’s Prayer

  1. Thanks, Doug. I’ll add that to other versions I have. Here’s one I pray, based on another by Dallas Willard:

    Dear Father always near me, 
 the One in whom I live and move and have my being, here’s what my heart fervently desires: [Does it?] That your Name – You!– would be treasured and loved above all else, first by me, and then by all – Alleluia!
 That I may be the realm in which you reign, along with the whole world. That as perfectly as your will is done in heaven, so it will be done by me today, and by everyone else on earth as well.
 And so, provide me today the things I need to do your will. Forgive my sins, my failures and my impositions on you
, just as I am ready to forgive anyone who in any way offends me or lets me down. (Christ, have mercy!) Please don’t put me through trials beyond the strength you supply,
 and deliver me from everything harmful, especially the evil one.
 All this I ask because in the end, and always, you are the Center of it all –
 forever the In-Charge-One,
 forever the All-Capable-One, 
 forever the Most-Beautiful-One. 

    Trust you are well. Advent blessings. – Larry

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  2. Thank you for continuing to write. I am strengthened by your words. I am also on chapter 6 or 7 of Twilight. I keep the Kleenex box close – thank you for your honesty and vulnerability.

  3. Thank you for this reflection on the Lord’s Prayer. I have used it as an outline for prayer for some years now; this gives me fodder for reflection and new dimensions for my own praying.

    Carol Robinson

    > The best rose bush, after all, is not that which has the fewest thorns, but that which bears the finest roses. > — Henry Van Dyke


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  6. Greetings Douglas from Tennessee,Just found your website looking for my nephew who has a similar name Doug Groot.I look forward to reading your book also.And after reading the interpretation of the LORD`S PRAYER which I found also enlightening I will send you also a copy of my oldest brother Richard F.Groot`s compostion of the LORD`S PRAYER that he composed in 1963 3 years before his early death at age 49.Have sent his music to several states,England,Netherlands but not to Arizona. Roger Groot

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