What is the Take Away?

5 thoughts on “What is the Take Away?”

  1. Excellent set of thoughts. On occasion, I have used “take away” only because I failed to give thought to its meaning and message. That means I was not very thoughtful of what I wanted to say and kept the discussion on the surface. That appears to be what happens wen we ask for a take away – we invite surface thoughts rather than encourage one to go deeper and to think through the implications of a conclusion.

    Quite frequently, people want to go directly to application prior to exploration of observations. The consequence of such an action is to miss truth and meaning while skimming over them. We live in a “What’s in it for me?” culture in which we do not wish to spend time thinking in depth but simply want the “nutshell.” We want fast foods that leave us malnourished in the end, especially when we eat on the run.

    The “take away” and surface thinking are no different. Seeking for what’s in it for me starves the soul, because it focuses inward and not upward. Meat is missing in nutshells. They contain a lot of fats and fail to provide balanced nourishment. The best olive oil comes from crushing and extraction. Delineating truth requires thinking deeper and beyond ourselves,

  2. I have problems getting people to scroll down in emails. They want it all in the subject line and two or three lines. Otherwise it needs to be broken down into several emails.

  3. This is a good reminder on our tendency to hurry through too much without enough reflection. But we postmoderns aren’t any more shallow or impatient by nature than past generations, just that we are absolutely inundated with information at every turn and programmed to hurry everywhere because we are overextended. Back in the day, you read a book and went to bed when it got dark. That is, if you were lucky enough to own a pair of eye glasses and a candle. Now, we have too many options without the discipline to prioritize in favor of the health of our souls. We’ve become greedy for more of…. what? What are we running from? Would it be the end of all things, for example, if we Just Said No to all those mostly moronic social media offerings for a week or two, for starters?

  4. A man of sorrows acquainted with grief. I recently read your article in CT about Becky. I have no words only prayers and a deep gratitude that you would share you sorrow with me.

    Thank You,

    Mr. Dana Babcock

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