Two Cheers for Curmudgeons

5 thoughts on “Two Cheers for Curmudgeons”

  1. For decades people reading my blog have commented that I must be an old curmudgeon. After reading your posting (very instructive..thank you) I must concur with my readers. Up until I left my cave, (a remote cabin in Northern Alaskan wilderness), most of my postings do have that flavor of curmudgeons, so I am proud to done the mantel of its definition.

  2. After reading this I assume curmudgeons are largely egotistical pricks that take themselves way to seriously. To posit oneself as a prophet dick is just laughable on its face!

  3. Doug,

    Good post!

    I’ve been called a curmudgeon by those closest to me. I think it’s because I love to read and read deeply.

    Does one have to be grumpy and stern to be a curmudgeon? I don’t consider myself those.

    Maybe I’m really a contrarian. For example, decades ago when C.S. Lewis was all the rage in evangelical circles, I refused to read him.

    Problem: if you act contrarily just to go the opposite direction of everyone else, you can find yourself spiritually and morally famished. Once I discovered Lewis a bit later in life, I was chagrined to discover that I had squandered all those years when I could have been enjoying a Lewis feast.

    — Neil Bartlett

    1. that I remember this entry? because I do. at that time it was hard for me to understand. well, maybe not understand, but appreciate. such insight and generosity. I was hard and bitter and sad and cynical. I’m glad yo;8u&217#ve pointed me here. thank you.

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