First Principles of Technogesis

5 thoughts on “First Principles of Technogesis”

  1. The (personally) long-neglected practice of “technology fasting” may prove a fruitful element of of technogesis. An accurate assessment is difficult to perform while consuming, enjoying or bearing under manifold media.

  2. I have never heard of technogesis but it seems like a useful field of study. Let me throw out some thoughts.

    I wonder if there are framing concepts that might help organize our thinking on the topic. One I have been toying with follows the thought of what does technology really do. It actually is rather limited. For communication, thinking of how it might impact relationships and community:
    1. Technology can amplify, extending range.
    2. It can multiply, allowing the same message to reach more people.
    3. It can preserve.
    4. It can modify (I’m 25 and have 6-pack abs….)

    Did I miss anything?
    Technology can also affect capabilities, it can do the same things for my strength, sight etc. and bring new knowledge and insight.
    We can then contemplate how the effects might impact us as individuals or our social systems. One example to through out is the movement toward expanded tele-health and hospital-in-the-home. A range of technologies is making it possible to treat people at home that previously would need to come to the doctor’s office or be in a hospital. Now we can try to foresee the impact on the church. The role of hospital chaplain developed for good reasons. It takes special skills to minister to spiritual needs in the midst of illness. So now if people are treated at home there is no hospital chaplain. Does this now fall to the pastor? Most pastors are poorly trained and ill-prepared to minister to the ill (I know some are excellent at this area of ministry. Those with the skills and temperament are to be honored. I am not criticizing, just saying most pastors don’t have the practiced skill of a seasoned chaplain in this area. Beyond that there is the time element. Caring for the sick is the chaplains full time job.) So what happens as technology makes hospital-in-the-home a reality and increasingly the spiritual and emotional needs of patients and their families is increasingly expected of their local pastor? Notice just the economic change. The hospital paid the chaplain’s salary and some part of the medical bill covered that cost. The hospital knew the salary would be covered. Giving to the church might increase if the pastor does a great job in this area but he won’t be leaving a bill, paid by insurance, like the hospital did.

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