Thoughts on Your Personal Library

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Your Personal Library”

  1. Nice post. I’m in the process of selling all my books that I know I’ll never read again. I signed up as an Amazon seller and have sold 110 books in 6 months.

  2. This hit close to home in every way. Book addict… polished oak shelves… gifted books from loving yet low batting average mother… and crossing the threshold into library status. Perfectly written.

  3. You are truly a lover of books. I think your advice is excellent, although I am sad to say that my entire library is double stacked due to a lack of space in my home office. I try to get around this by having sections related to theology, American revolutionary history, other American history, church history, biblical studies, and other categories in various places. Ah, but since I am now in my mid-sixties my memory is not as good as it was 20 years ago and I have a tough time remembering where I have placed a book when the need arises to consult.

    Still it is better than having them in storage and my wife is happier with me. For now, I’m trying to stay out of bookstores, though about once a month I cannot help myself. I walk into Barnes and Noble and make a beeline to the history and religion sections. Oh well. Once a book addict, always a book addict. Guess that is why I’m a theological librarian by profession.

  4. Great article! Over the years (in order to make space), I’ve replaced some of my books by purchasing the Kindle version of it (I’d still rather have a hard copy). Doing this has been somewhat helpful.

  5. Great blog and great advice, but hard to follow when there is not enough bookshelves in the house, so many shelves are double stacked. I had slowed the stream of book buying by making sure I don’t buy five books for every book I have time to read. eBooks helps also as they do not need a slice of the physical bookshelves.

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