On Nonsense

2 thoughts on “On Nonsense”

  1. Douglas,

    Smoking out “empiricism” is much like doing the same thing with the phrase atheists often use – “lack of belief.” I have encountered a number of atheists who when confronting their atheism simply claim, “Atheism is a lack of belief in any god or gods in whatever form.” By making this claim, they ‘believe’ they can escape from believing in anything. They simply say they do not have faith in anything.

    The problem with such an assertion is that “lack of belief” does not necessarily translate into no faith. Rather many atheists simply redefine faith to agree with their ideology. Therefore, words take on meaning to fit an ideology rather than as descriptive approximations of reality. It does not matter if an ideology fits reality or not. The word is more the descriptive of the ideology than reality although the ideology may not agree with reality. Consequently, the attempt to erase God as real, faith is either the opposite of knowledge (i.e., “you have faith, but I possess knowledge based on science.”) or a lack of faith simply gets rid of God (i.e., what one does not believe does not exist.). The problem with such a definition of faith or lack thereof, it does not get rid of faith but rather assumes and redirects it.

    Therefore, when one uses the word “empirical” or the phrase “lack of belief,” one might ask the person using them, what have you been smoking?

  2. quite true, somethings that are not verifiable by sense experience are the most real things.

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