Of Scarcity and Sanctity

5 thoughts on “Of Scarcity and Sanctity”

  1. Just read the last part of Romans 13 last evening, and was especially caught by, “It is high time to awake out of sleep.” Sleeping usually happens when we get settled into places of comfort. Beds: the ultimate comfort. As a Christian community, we are hitting snooze. So thankful for your thoughts, and appreciate your article.

  2. I think you put the Jeep Cherokee on a higher pedestal than most. Further, a 2012 Toyota Rav 4 is hardly an economy car. In the end, I hope you are selling all of the excessive components of your house and car, so as to fund your approved charities. Granted, selling the excess will only pass the proverbial buck to some ignorant buyer that lacks your infinite “wisdom”. FYI – Out-of-touch is spelled Douglas Groothius.

    1. That’s over the top. I don’t think we are to live in “as long as ism” I e the mentality that as long as there are poor or hungry people in the world we shouldn’t do this or that. But there are other arguments on the dangers of too much comfort that aren’t “as long as ism.”

    2. COULD NOT … @misau37 COULD NOT AGREE MORE … “people think its okay to say omg your so skinny, why eww, do u eat? my god your anorexic!”. “No actually I’m naturally skinny and yes i eat, hence the pie in my hand”. But ofcourse its just totally out of line to walk up to a fat person and comment on their we&o8t..i#h221;gmg your such a whale, gosh go for a run , and heres a salad you obese hefa” sound harsh ? yeh well its no different to the first statement. 0Was this answer helpful?

  3. Oui, oui je suis partant à 200 %, d&qatuo;aursnt plus que je suis dans des trucs un peu fous en ce moment, avec mon blog, les oiseaux et tout ça … Je vais en parler à d’autres qui peuvent aussi utiliser ce blog pour nous dire s’ils sont partants. En tous les cas, on ne risque rien de faire une ou deux soirées, on verra bien si ça démarre ou pas. Et si en plus, il y a quelques bières, on n’aura de toute façon pas entièrement perdu notre temps. Et puis, il y a aussi le plaisir de se revoir … !

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