Human Nature and Christian Apologetics

5 thoughts on “Human Nature and Christian Apologetics”

  1. Great essay, as always! We have to encourage people to examine Christianity for what it actually claims, not what some assume, that it’s somehow acceptable to reform the narrative to suit postmodern sensibilities.

  2. The fact is that many Christians are leaving Christianity. I believe that debates between skeptics and believers on the internet are helping to fuel this exodus.

    However, a “one size fits all” approach to debating Christians is misguided. I recently wrote a post on my blog entitled, “How to Debate a Christian”. I believe that the key to debating Christians is to know which type of Christian he or she is: a Liberal, a Moderate, or a Fundamentalist. I believe that each of these three types of Christian has a different weakness in their Christian belief system; a weakness which the atheist/skeptic can take advantage of to win the debate. I would be interested in a Christian critique of my post if anyone has the time and inclination.

    Blog: Escaping Christian Fundamentalism
    Post: How to Debate a Christian


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