The Case for Funerals

One thought on “The Case for Funerals”

  1. Death is difficult for many to bear much less think about their inevitable end. This was true of my father who did not want to talk about his own appointment with the grimm reaper. Why? I’m not sure. He was a professing believer. What I do understand is that death also has an appointment with death…the new heavens and earth that await those who are in Christ. The resurrection is the only reason we truly need not fear death, even though we try to avoid it and stay it’s hand through modern means.

    While we live between the ages, believers should remember that death is not ultimate, God is. Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me though he die yet shall he live. The death of death in the death of Christ is precious to me, for by it I no longer have to fear to what death points–God’s wrath.

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