Polemics in Apologetics

4 thoughts on “Polemics in Apologetics”

  1. Lovely article. I liken Ephesians 4:15 to a 3-part dance. Speak. The Truth. In love. We are commanded to speak and not be silent. Nothing is healed by silence. Then to speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Anything less will postpone and undermine any efforts of reconciliation. Untruth or disguised self-protection will never conduct light-waves. And then do it all in love that is not seeking to win, but the good of the whole, and the glory of the Kingdom. Anything less will cause more harm, instead of heal. Truth will not always make someone feel all warm and fuzzy, but when following this pattern, it will always do the most good. It may feel cutting, but it will be the lancet to bring infection out into the Light, so that what has been hidden and covered may be exposed in order that it might heal. Every word spoken in obedience to God will promote healing, whether appreciated or no. I cannot say I have ever once done it correctly. I hope someday to grow up in Him, as this passage suggests, and learn to communicate in such a way. I appreciate this article very much. Oh to be brave. .. to stay in the battle. ..keep my cheek in the game, and seek the bigger purpose for conflict. Thanks- I will read this several times.

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