On Being a Christian Philosopher: Short Course on Intellectual Virtue

8 thoughts on “On Being a Christian Philosopher: Short Course on Intellectual Virtue”

  1. Good article. As a scholar I have to do long periods of reading and writing. As a christian I do lots of praying and reading His word.

  2. “This best suits introverts or those with that tendency.”
    I’m a little worried about this: didn’t Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all develop their ideas in close communion with groups of like-minded thinkers? In fact, didn’t they consider this dialectic essential to philosophy?

    1. “Philosophers, however, also need comradery—like-minded and supportive thinkers with whom they can make common cause.”
      OK, I see you acknowledge this aspect!

  3. Prof. Groothius,

    This is a conversation that a colleague of mine here at Biola and I have often. He has a very keen penchant for analytical philosophy and is often lamenting the lack of rigorous philosophical thinking in theology today (especially in Reformed theology). I understand his point and while I don’t take a strong stance (yet) one way or the other, I have some reservations about the use of philosophy vis-a-vis systematic theology. First, I imagine that many Christian theologians fear a “blurring of the line” between the ministerial role of philosophy and a magisterial role. It seems that historically there could be a case made for having this concern. Second, how would you understand Paul’s concerns in passages like 1 Cor 1:18-31? Finally, do you have a recommendation of a Systematic Theology that in your opinion is also philosophically rigorous?

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