Theology of Suffering

6 thoughts on “Theology of Suffering”

  1. I must really love Jesus because I am willing to head to ISIS and tell them Allah is a phony God. I will be killed proving how much I love Jesus…or am an idiot!

    1. Idiot. Sorry couldnt resist. Belief in Christ for eternal life is ALL thats needed to taste glory. Suffering is so many dimensional and is usually preached on by people with their eyes in books and little else. Most people suffer in ways we are totally unaware of and yet the people in the books pontificate on the need to suffer. Suffering is actually not optional for any of us. The worst of sinners suffer. Suffering with the right direction of spirit toward God is the key. But the idea I can look back at the martyrs and compare myself to them and shame myself that I dont suffer as they is the surest way to not connecting to others and God in my own suffering. In other words suffering isnt a contest.

  2. . While suffering in a vacuum is not a good thing, in our world it is the common and intended experience of God and His people—Not true suffering is to be shared as joy is. The solitary Christian is a puritan fallacy.

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