The Philosophy of the Pause

3 thoughts on “The Philosophy of the Pause”

  1. Not quite the same thing, but Jesus’ use of the pause in John 8:1ff gave the adulterer’s accusers time to think better of their plan and to drift off before their lives came into too sharp a focus.

  2. I would think that pauses for not only the spoken word but also the written word are very appropriate. Reading and pausing to reflect allows the written word to penetrate and the Holy Spirit to work within us to change us. Many distracting thoughts take harbor in our minds, and concentrated reflection (pauses) enable us to recognize them and brush them aside for more nobler thoughts. Just a thought.

  3. I love this Dr. Groothuis. Pause should be allowed, and pursued. Listening is one of the best gifts you can give to another person. How often it is initially granted but then taken back by interjecting all the things we want to say. I know I am guilty of this. To leave the space allows them to both have and finish their thought. No one usually says the really important things right at the beginning of a conversation. And most people solve their own problems just by talking it out. It is the same in other forms of communication. In my work, I am constantly encouraging my clients to shorten the number of words on that brochure to leave room for negative space. Negative space guides the eye to what is really really important. It frames it. If someone pauses during a speech, we all lean in. It means something important comes next. Pauses are the Selah of life. They are the dashes of Emily Dickinson. They are the reflecting pools of thought. Thank you for this beautiful post.

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