Blood Money: Antinatalism, Logic, and Life

7 thoughts on “Blood Money: Antinatalism, Logic, and Life”

  1. Thank you, Douglas, for the excellent article that so aptly demonstrates the logical “degression” that follows from one’s view of the uborn. As David Wood posted this week on his Facebook account ….”3400 years ago, the Ammonites sacrificed their babies to Moloch. Today, Americans sacrifice their babies to Convenience, while Planned Parenthood sells the body parts. Moral progress is horrifyingly slow.”

  2. The argument from the other side may be that it’s okay to sell the tissue because it’s not actually human flesh yet. (I haven’t seen this argument yet, but am only trying to think as someone who would try to justify this in a court of law.) However, it stands to reason that if science recognizes the organs and tissue from unborn babies as being human flesh necessary for the experiments they desire to carry out, then the flesh actually came from a human being, especially one that was healthy at the time of death.

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