What is This Thing Called Love?

5 thoughts on “What is This Thing Called Love?”

  1. When individual and societal relativism reigns, truth has no backbone, the creature becomes the measure of all things, and the freedom for which rebels long becomes the cruel task master dehumanizing us all. Our thought has become “sub-animalistic” with the word “love” because the Creator’s glory to us is trash, the creatures is gold. Thanks for the post.

  2. I’m sure the previous responder will agree that we’re all essentially “rebels.” What’s hard to accept is that the way to freedom is a paradox: If you want to be your true self, die to self. If you want true love, enslave yourself to Christ, someone you can’t see or touch. If people don’t have this operative in their lives, where else to go but to one’s own appetites, trying to fill up the empty place any way we can in this dark, loveless world.

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