5 thoughts on “Benediction ”

  1. Lovely thoughts. I find that people crave these blessings, and that they are confirmed by them. When you wish someone “God speed”, you are confirming their work and their life, and letting them know that you are behind them. When you say “God bless you”, you are watering them with a verbal prayer. What are your thoughts on the paternal blessings in Gen 49, and elsewhere? These are like benedictions and prophecy, all wrapped up in one. I find my children crave these kinds of benedictions as well. Even though they are grown and out of the house, they still need to know that I believe in them and their abilities to contribute to the work of God on earth. Do you feel these blessings fall into the same category?

    1. Thanks, Geri. I have to think about this more. Some benedictions in Scripture are prophesies. It is less likely that we can do that, however, since we are neither biblical writers or biblical characters. Still, since I am not a cessationist, I think it could happen.

      1. I mentioned the prophecy simply because I realize these parting words were not just final words of blessing but had a dual purpose of prophecy as well. I feel 100% incapable of such kind. I mentioned this portion because I once read a book on the importance of parents blessing their kids, and wondered if this kind of blessing would classify as a form of benediction. This book may have been written because the author did not have that life confirmation from his parents. And it does leave a hole to go through life encouraging yourself. A kid must grow up and get over it as an adult. But I have noticed the difference, between kids that are confirmed in their gifts, and those that are not. I don’t know how to explain it, but there is a confidence in the kid that has the confirmation, and a lostness in the kid who doesn’t have it. When we notice someone’s bent, such as Zebulun’s blessing in Ch 49:13, would that be a benediction of sorts? Whether from a parent, or from a teacher, or a friend, this kind of confirmation can be a help for someone else to recognize their own gift, and seek a higher calling, perhaps one God intended. “Wow, God gave you a real ability to do that!” I have found it a way to start conversations with people and with unbelievers. “Beyond wishing, it commends goodness to the one receiving it.” Of course not all Jacob’s blessings were positive, but that was because it WAS prophecy. Just wondered your thoughts. Thank you again for your thoughts.

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