Christian and Eastern Silence

2 thoughts on “Christian and Eastern Silence”

  1. Professor Groothuis,
    Great post!! We need quiet and stillness to hear from God. This can often be in the form of thoughts and memories that He wants us to pray over and process which can lead repentance and forgiveness. We have to own the pain associated with the past so that we can give it over to Him. You cannot give way what you do not own or God will not accept it. “Mindfulness” seems to involve dissociating from the pain or “non-judgmentally” letting these thoughts pass through our consciousness without engaging them. This is the opposite of the what I believe to be the Christian path.

    I also wanted to let you know about an interesting new book by Oxford professor Miguel Farias, called “The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change You?” It includes a chapter called the “The Dark Side of Meditation” which was reprinted in edited form by the UK Independent here:

    It is the first book coming from a secular perspective that does not spin the benefits of “Mindfulness'” and exposes so much of the spin on the topic. I have only skimmed it but it seems a worthwhile read so far. However, given its more secular viewpoint, it does not appear to focus on the spiritual dynamics behind many of the techniques.

    Many blessings in Christ,

    Roger Corbin

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