Suffering Well With Others

7 thoughts on “Suffering Well With Others”

  1. Hi Professor Groothuis.

    I am the pastor of a small church in Australia. I would first of all like to thank you for your blog, your writings, and your Christian academic work. I remember reading “Truth Decay” a while back, and benefiting greatly from it.

    I would love to have your permission to republish your thoughts in this post in a free monthly church bulletin we print in our church (50 copies max). I would do so with full attribution to yourself, of course.

    Suffering with others is something our church needs to work hard at.

    Rev. Matt Viney

  2. For too many years I have struggled for control over my rudder of a tongue. All I can offer a grieving friend is my hand, my prayers, and my tears. Thank you for your words.

  3. Unfortunately, we learn how to comfort rightly best from those who do it wrong. Yes, I will join you, and trust God for words, or the lack of words, which ever the case may be. I agree with you, that sometimes the best we can do is stand speechless.

  4. That left me in tears… People don’t know how to respond to pain in others and so, in my experience, they avoid the sufferer so as to avoid having to say anything at all. This just adds lonliness to the burden and multiplies the pain. If nothing else perhaps we can offer silent company or an invitation to go somewhere or do something together.

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