Author: Douglas Groothuis

Author of Christian Apologetics, Truth Decay, On Jesus, On Pascal, and others. Professor of Philosophy, Denver Seminary since 1993. Head of The Apologetics and Ethics Masters Degree Program and Co-Director of The Gordon Lewis Center for Christian Thought and Culture. Senior Fellow for

5 thoughts

  1. Dear Doug the dog has disappeared. Would love to read it.My instinct is to say No way! but I love having my insticncts whupped. Many thanks and continued blessings to you for your service to the Body. Humbledonkey

  2. Dear Doug, the dog is dead. Can you renew the link. I would love to read what you have to say. My instinct is to say “No way!” but i love getting my instincts whupped. I have had a lot of practice. Many thanks and continued blessings to you and yours. Humble Donkey

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