Epistemology and Morality: The Case of the Ferguson Shooting

5 thoughts on “Epistemology and Morality: The Case of the Ferguson Shooting”

  1. Great article-statement. Unfortunately the type of logic and reasoning you speak of is growing ever dimmer in our day. Many universities, colleges and high schools almost mock logic and reasoning. So many electives are of the felly touchy types. I used a syllogism to defend a view I held related to someone using a meme basically showing pictures of A man unnamed who was an officer who was badly beaten and a picture of Officer Wilson basically trying to make the argument that Officer Wilson was not in danger because his face wasnt a bloody pulp after the Brown incident. I basically stated a hypothetical: I am walking down the street and out of the shadows comes a perpetrator and I grab him force the knife out of his hand and hit him hard and frequently causing him to look bad while I have nary a scratch- now wasmy life in danger? Based upon that meme-NO- based on reality YES. So as can be seen the average person would look at those pictures and draw the wrong conclusion. Unfortunately that is increasingly the type of society we are living in.

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