A Biblical View on Homosexuality

7 thoughts on “A Biblical View on Homosexuality”

  1. Mr. Groothuis: if the foundation for heterosexual, monogamous marriage is rooted in Genesis 1-2, why are there so many examples of polygamy? The first example shows up in Genesis 4 when Lamech married two wives, but clearly it’s not just among the line of Cain, as we see Kings David and Solomon with multiple wives (and we know how that worked out for Solomon!). How did the Bible go from monogamy to polygamy in four chapters, and then seemingly back to monogamy by Jesus’ time (going by 1 Cor. 7)? Why are there such severe consequences for homosexuals, but not for polygamists?

    1. We also must remember that just because a human does something in the Bible does not mean it is endorsed by God or isn’t a sin.

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