Several books that have shaped my life and thought, besides the Bible

1. Walter Martin, The Kingdom of the Cults. A modern classic that gave inspiration for Christians to identify and witness to non-Christian groups.

2. Francis A. Schaeffer, The God Who is There. A prophet and moving book on “speaking Christianity into the modern world.” I have read this at least ten times in 35 years.

3. Francis Schaeffer, A Christian Manifesto. Explains the worldview collision between Christianity and secularism, especially in relation to politics.

3. CS Lewis, The Abolition of Man. A profound treatment of the modern loss of a foundation for morality and what this means to society.

2 thoughts on “Several books that have shaped my life and thought, besides the Bible

  1. I’ve started The Christian Manifesto and right off what I saw is that he points to the two world views, the Biblical world view and Humanism, and says that these two will have completely different results in Politics. Of course that is exactly what we are seeing today, viz. Hobby Lobby court case and all the uproar it has caused. When Schaeffer was speaking 30 years ago, he described our society as a “cut flower civilization” in that it had Christian form but it had been detached from its roots, and might LOOK Christian but was going to wither eventually. Eventually is here.

  2. Schaeffer’s “The God Who is There” along with “He is There and He is Not Silent” were used greatly to protect me from agnosticism in my college days while studying psychology under a disciple of B.F. Skinner. I am forever grateful to Schaeffer and to God for directing me to his work.

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