Trends in Technology to Consider

2 thoughts on “Trends in Technology to Consider”

  1. There is also a trend towards impersonalization. In the old days, bankers knew their customers by name and we conducted transactions in person. Now, we have identifying numbers, which we are asked FIRST, before our names, and transactions are conducted electronically whenever possible. Customers are discouraged from using cash or conducting transactions in person (albeit subtly). The machines we carry or have at home are supposed to calculate our transactions. People don’t do it themselves anymore. They trust the system.

  2. There is a trend toward the deputing of our rational agency to technology. GPS technology enables us to avoid the spatial reasoning involved in navigation. Medical technology enables the physician to treat the patient without engaging in medical reasoning to the degree of rigor required in the past. iPhones with the “Ask Siri” function enable a computer to provide us with information, thereby relieving us of the need to seek knowledge. Television and film technologies feed us ideas, thereby leaving us free to be passively entertained. The list goes on. This trend is both a deputing and an abdication of our rational agency.

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